Qperfect IAMS - The Integrated

Aviation Managment System

Qperfect   IAMS   is   a   comprehensive,   fully integrated      and      web-based      software package    comprising    modules    for    Safety Management   and   Compliance   Monitoring as   well   as   Emergency   Response   Planning and   Document   Management.   The   system is    aimed    at    companies    with    small    to medium sized fleets. With   the   integration   of   Qperfect   IAMS   in the   ma na ge ment   of   your   organisation   you are   equipped   to   meet   the   requirements of Part ORO.GEN.200. Read more...


Our   aviation   related   training   courses   are led   by   experienced   and   qualified   trainers and   comply   with   all   corresponding   ICAO   / EASA AIR OPS requirements: EASA AIR OPS Introduction Compliance Monitoring Management aud Auditing in Aviation Postholder Qualification SMS Introduction Implementing and Maintaining SMS Read more...
Nervous about EASA Part-NCC ? Deadline for compliance is 25 August 2016 Special Part-NCC bundle of Qperfect IAMS available! Comprises the modules SMS and Compliance Monitoring (QMS), including audit question catalogues for Part-NCC and Part-M.

Qperfect Part-NCC - Tailored to

comply with new requirements

Part-NCC    introduces    new    requirements for   non-commercial   flying   and   will   apply to all operators of complex aircraft. Compliance   with   Part-NCC   entails,   among others,   the   creation   and   maintenance   of a    Compliance    Monitoring    System    and    a Safety   Management   System.   And   this   is exactely   what   this   version   of   Qperfect      is about.   You   get   a   complete   and   ready   to use   solution   at   a   very   favourable   price   - set up in no time. Read more...
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